Activation Problems Plague Apple’s New iPhone

According to a recent article in Computerworld, new iPhone owners who are trying to transfer their existing cell phone number to their new iPhone are experiencing long delays—particularly when trying to transfer service from rival carriers. 

These problems began lighting up message forums shortly after the iPhone went on sale. New iPhone customers were frustrated when they realized activation was not instantaneous, even though the user guide promised to complete activation in 20 minutes. The user guide also claimed that the user would be able to make calls and use the other features in the meantime. In many cases, users found that their old number had been deactivated, leaving them without a cell phone as they waited for iPhone activation to kick in. Annoyed users quickly dubbed it the “iBrick.” 

Of course, many people did report activations in under 10 minutes, sometimes faster. AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel was quoted as saying, “The vast majority of activations are going through in a matter of minutes, as they’re designed to. Have there been instances where customers have experienced delays? Yes. We’re trying to resolve them as quickly as possible.” He declined to provide a number of affected users. Apple was not available for comment. 

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