Are Employees Robbing You Blind One Wasted Hour At A Time?

You know your employees waste some time at work—be it checking their Facebook page, texting or simply goofing off by the water cooler. But how much time is too much? The results of’s survey show an alarming increase in the hour’s employees is goofing off at work. In 2013, the survey revealed that 69% of employees wasted time at work. In 2014—just one year later—that number increased to 89% of the over 750 respondents. While the majority wasted 30 minutes to an hour, there were people who admitted to wasting half a day.   

If a full-time employee with two weeks’ vacation wastes just ONE measly hour a day, it equals 250 hours burned or six weeks of paid time wasted on non-work-related activities. Ask yourself this: How much more could you profit, advance, scale, or improve your company if every employee volunteered to work six weeks a year for free? While no employee would ever agree to that, it’s become commonplace for employees to do this to their employers—and wasting one hour a day is hardly the worst! 

As you might imagine, the Internet is at the core of the problem, with employees keeping their Facebook page open throughout the day or generally surfing the Internet for any number of personal pursuits. Worse yet, when people are distracted watching March Madness or chatting with their friends on Facebook, they’re NOT taking care of customers, answering the phone, or simply doing their job to the best of their ability. After all, NO ONE can deliver their best work when distracted or constantly interrupted.

So what can you do to decrease the temptation to use social media? 
First, create and enforce an Internet use policy. If posting on Facebook every 30 minutes is not acceptable workplace behavior, then you need to tell your employees. Next, reinforce those rules with content-filtering software or firewall controls that won’t allow certain employees to access social media sites during work hours on company devices.  

Implementing this will cause pushback—particularly from the worse offenders. But if your goal is to run a profitable, focused, and highly competitive business, it’s imperative to your profits to nip any waste in your organization. We can help you implement a solid plan and policy that will automatically boost your organization’s productivity. Give us a call today! 

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