Looking For A New House Or Apartment But Don’t Want To Get A Realtor Involved Yet?

Free Google Real Estate Search Does Everything A Realtor Can Do  For  You, But Faster, Cheaper, And Without The Annoying Phone Calls  

Looking for a new house or apartment can sometimes be a daunting task. Finding a realtor, narrowing down the abundant amount of properties for sale in today’s market, and investigating the surrounding neighborhoods can take a lot of time and energy that none of us seem to have anymore.  

To make things even more frustrating, until now there’s been no central place to sort through all the property listings for sale. Going to a specific realtor’s web site usually shows only the properties they have listed for sale and not all of the available properties in the area.  

Enter Google, the king of searching the web, that now offers you a way to search for real estate and get a ton of other convenient data right at your fingertips during your search. A Google real estate search will show you on a live Google map the location of the property, the surrounding community, and with a few simple clicks, you can add important features you’d like to see like schools, major roads, and even pizza places. To get started point your web browser to  www.google.com  and then click on Maps. Then click on My Maps. In the box below it will list Featured Searches. Put a check mark in the “Google Real Estate Search” box. A new dialog box will open asking you to put in common search parameters like location, price range, number of baths and bedrooms, and any keywords like “ cul  de sac” or “horse property.”  

Once you conduct a  search you’ll be given the results of your search on the left-hand side and an interactive map on the right. You can click on any property listed on the left-hand column and Google will map the property. Clicking on the listing will take you directly to the listing realtor’s website. Best of all these searches will include data from all available realtors and sources instead of just one or two specific realtors. In some cases,  Google will even search public records for properties in foreclosure, etc.  

Click on a property you’re interested in and Google will draw it on an interactive map. A balloon showing the pertinent facts will be displayed too. Look closely and near the bottom of the balloon, there will be a clickable link that says Search Nearby. Click on this link and you can type in Grade Schools, Pizza Places, Health Clubs, or anything else that you’d like to find out and Google will re-draw the map and show you the location of the other things you’re interested in.  

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