The 4 BEST Apps Every Business Owner Should Have

So many apps, so little time! As a busy entrepreneur, you have to maximize your time—so here are f our apps that should reside on every business owner’s smartphone:

Microsoft Office Mobile: Create documents, look over spreadsheets or edit presentations on the go. Office Mobile brings Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one convenient place. Each program features many of the functions of its full-sized counterpart but does tend to lack in a few areas. You won’t be able to make certain changes to Word documents (such as changing the typeface or text alignment) and you can’t create new PowerPoint presentations (but you can edit existing ones). These limitations aren’t crippling, and what is available is exceptionally robust for a mobile app. Get it for your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone devices for free.

Hootsuite: Managing several social media accounts across many services can be overwhelming. Hootsuite brings them all to one place. Access Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and several others with intuitive ease. It makes managing your company’s social media accounts a cinch and you won’t miss anything. Stay in touch with followers, customers, and collaborators. It’s free and on Android and iOS.

Expensify: This app lets you capture receipts and track mileage, business travel, and time while making the creation of expense reports absolutely painless. It all begins when you take a picture of your receipt through the app and your device’s camera. The app scans the receipt and creates or adds pertinent information to an expense report. It doesn’t get any easier than that! The app is free and you can download it to your Android or iOS devices.

Google Drive: When collaboration and sharing documents is a priority, Google Drive gets the job done. With Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides integrated into the app, it’s slightly more accessible than Mobile Office and it’s easier to share documents with others versus Dropbox. Create, edit, and share documents online or work off-line. Drive isn’t as fully featured as Mobile Office, but collaboration with others in real-time across multiple platforms—mobile, desktop, and everything in between—may make up for that for many users. It’s available on Android and iOS and it’s free.

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