Warning: If You Meet These 3 Criteria, You Are Getting Ripped Off By The Phone Company!

If you are a business owner that is spending $100 or more per month on long distance phone calls and you need advanced phone features like voice mail over e-mail, find me/follow me, and call reporting, then I can virtually guarantee that, right now, you are paying the phone company way too much for your phone service.  

Here’s how I know…  

Until recent years, businesses only had one option for phone service – “Ma Bell.” Yep, they had the perfect business model; or should I say monopoly! If you wanted phone service, you had to take whatever they were selling, good or bad because there were no other options…until now.  

Thanks to major advancements in Internet communications, a new phone service alternative has arrived – and it’s rapidly overtaking traditional phone service. What is it? Voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP.  

Simply put, VoIP is a technology that allows you to make phone calls over the Internet with the same features, functions, and clarity of traditional phone service, but without the heavy costs and hidden  fees..  

So Why Is VoIP So Much Cheaper Than Traditional Phone Service? VoIP is cheaper than traditional phone service for 3 main reasons:  

1. VoIP phone calls are much cheaper to make because the call is connected using the Internet rather than traditional phone lines.

This means you pay one monthly fee for all the calls you want to make regardless of the time of day or location. Plus, VoIP phone equipment costs less to maintain than traditional phone systems. This is because IP phones use the same wiring that the computer system does, leaving you only one set of wiring to maintain.  

2. You get the unlimited long distance. I have yet to find a VoIP service provider that does not include unlimited long distance (if you are thinking about switching to VoIP, make sure this feature is included).

Some VoIP providers even include fixed-rate international add-ons, which can produce a windfall of savings for multinational businesses.  

3. Moves, adds, and changes to your service are FREE. As you know, the phone company loves to ding your wallet every time you add or change a line.

Plus, the company that sold you the phone system charges for any type of “service call” that requires a technician to move, add or make changes to your system.  

With VoIP, most moves and changes are software-based so they can easily be performed by you or your current IT support person. The same holds true when adding extensions. You want to know if VoIP is right for you, give us a call! We can answer any question you have, conduct a price comparison, and help you get set up with a VoIP provider!    

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